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Making Payment

We are using a safe and secure payment gateway system with 3-D authentication & PCI Compliant standards. We assure customers that we do not store sensitive data or card information on our site. All information regarding payment is being securely directed to PCI-DSS Compliance payment gateway for processing. With an additional protection layer of 3-D authentication, bank will process your transaction only after your One-Time Password (OTP) acknowledgement. 3D Secured is verified by Visa and MasterCard® SecureCode™.

All online payments are transacted with Singapore Dollar (SGD or S$) only and payments can be made using Visa or Mastercard.

For in-store payments, customers have the options to choose from 3 payment methods: Pay Direct, In-App Payment and E-Wallet Payment.
1) Pay Direct - Payment directly in store to merchant using merchant available payment method.
2) In-App Payment - Store card securely with Stripe Payment Gateway and make payment directly to card.
3) E-Wallet Payment - Pay using your E-Wallet available credits.