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The Rice Shop



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The Rice Shop by Tong Seng Produce

The Rice Shop by Tong Seng Produce is an online retail arm that carries a wide range of products from rice, oil, sugar and flour.

With it's history dated back till June 1990, importing and distribution of rice was the main core business. With a firm belief, they eventually establish their own brand "SongHe" and gradually gained wide acceptance by the market.

Dedicated to letting the customers consume rice with peace of mind, Tong Seng Produce invested heavily to build a chilled warehouse when they relocated to the current premises in Senoko South. Till today, Tong Seng Produce Pte Ltd chilled warehouse is Singapore's first and only one.

The Rice Shop carries rice produce from Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, Korea, USA and India to offer consumers more varieties at different price points and in recent years, the product offerings were also diversified to include sugar, wheat flour and cooking oil.