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Miiv Flora



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Miiv Flora Speciality

Miiv Flora is established in 2013, with over 20 over years of floral experiences. Miiv Flora specialise in Korea trending bouquet and arrangements, let Miiv Flora opens you into a world of Korean lovely bouquets and arrangements. Bouquets, boutonierres, corsages, bridal car decorations, and other wearable flowers for you and your bridal party.

Miiv's Pick

Can't decide? Leave it to us to create a lasting impression for you! In Miiv's Pick, let us personally pick a one-of-a-kind arrangement for your special one!

All you need to do is provide us the occasion, flower, color theme & budget. We'll do the rest for you. The designs are made-to-order, so each and every item is unique! With our team of expert florists equipped with the freshest and most gorgeous flowers, trust us to meet your expectations! -