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Hungry Thai



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Hungry Thai was opened by two lovely, young and entrepreneurial couples serving authentic Thai dishes. Situated at Timbre+, a container foodpark which is the 1st of it's kind in Singapore. It is also located right in the heart of JTC LaunchPad which offers a vibrant and nurturing environment for startups and incubators.

Hungry Thai offers a large variety of original Thai dishes whipped up to excite the taste buds. From the widely popular and savoury Green Curry, to the traditional and delectable sour and spicy Tom Yum Seafood Soup, each dish is meticulously prepared to ensure every customer walks away with an unforgettable and genuine Thai experience.

From the team of Thai staff conversing fluently in Thai, Chinese or English, to the smells of Thai spices wafting through the air, each visit to Hungry Thai takes you straight to the streets of Thailand. Dining at Hungry Thai is not just about having an authentic Thai meal, but about getting a taste of Thailand, right here in Singapore. What's more, each dish is affordably priced and can comfortably serve up to 2 people. Experience the original taste of Thailand at Hungry Thai today!