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Bringing the confidence back in you!

Troubled by hair loss problems? Worry no more, HairSpec is here to boost your confidence!

Here at HairSpec, we recognise the importance of healthy hair in establishing image and self-confidence. Our staff with years of expertise strive to provide all our customers with high quality service in a comfortable environment to ensure satisfaction.

Call us at (65)6438 4382 for a non-obligation FREE consultation to see how we can help you!

Our Hair Replacement System (Hair-Piece)

Our non surgical hair replacement system is designed to be undetectable, lightweight and natural. Each hair replacement system is made of 100% natural hair attached to a New Generation Skin membrane which blends naturally into the hairline and fits like a second skin. Our non-intrusive attachment method allows customers to swim or participate in rigorous sports without worry. The process is comfortable and quick. You will only need to kick back and relax with a drink of your choice in the privacy of your own booth, and in an hour's time, you will be able to style your hair every morning to look fit for a magazine cover shoot!

Most hair loss treatments only work for specific types of hair loss. Our niche services provide a customised solution to hair woes that requires no pills or surgery and is painless. Compared to most other solutions, our hair replacement systems are affordable and efficient way to looking your best. At HairSpec, your satisfaction is our success. We take pride in building rapport with all our customers and counting among them local and foreign artistes and celebrities. With their endorsement and our personal guarantee of professionalism, our services might be just what you need to look solve your hair loss issues and look your best.