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Carnation Footcare



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Caring for your feet for over 90 years

Carnation Footcare is one of the Cuxson Gerrard's best known brands in the United Kingdom. A trusted footcare brand of United Kingdom's feet for over 90 years since 1922. Boasting a range of 60 products, it is currently being distributed and sold in over 40 countries worldwide and has a solution to almost any foot problem.

Carnation Footcare was first exclusively brought into Singapore and Malaysia in 1983 to offer consumers more different choices in footcare products. For the past few years since 2014, Carnation Footcare has grown exponentially in both Singapore and Malaysia, increasing their sales of their products and introduced 60 products into the market.

Current Product Ranges

Footcare Medicated Products – Solve annoying pain and discomfort on your feet
Footcare Solutions – Say goodbye to dry and ugly feet and prevent complicated medical conditions at the same time!
In Shoe Comfort – Everyday cushion support and comfort for your overworked feet
Protection and Comfort – The secret, simple to use foot care accessories and tools to ease and manage your discomfort and frustrations.
Tip Toes Series - Helping ladies beat Fashion Shoe Syndrome
Pads & Protection Series – Relieve pain and protect your feet with easy to use pads and foot protection accessories
Carnation Silver Socks - Offers relief for sufferers of Diabetes, Chilblains, Epidermolysis , Bullosa and Circulation disorders

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