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3Arts Concept



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Customised 3D Model & Avatar

3Arts Concept is located at 1 North Bridge Road, High Street Centre #02-104B, their vision as a people's business with a one-stop service, that serves the core purpose to cater to every client's individual needs.

With various technology and machinery, the service we provide would be able to achieve every clients' requirements (detail to detail) into a 3D modelling Video, 3D Avatar and 3D Hologram featured in a showcase together with an authenticity acknowledgment.

Our aim is to fulfil every different clients' specific and valuable memory into a physical entity for your keepsake purpose. To creates a significant impression and further illustrates the unique and exquisitely showcase to mark a certain event or individual aspects as such weddings events, birthday events or even community events.

Location: 1 North Bridge Road, High Street Centre #02-104B, Singapore 179094
Operating Hours:
11:00am to 6:00pm (Monday to Friday)
11:00am to 3:00pm (Saturday)